Healthy Hearts are Happy Hearts In Campbelltown region Public Schools

June 14, 2017



Healthy Hearts are Happy Hearts in Campbelltown region Public Schools


Nearly one thousand little hearts will be skipping a beat in the Campbelltown area in May with students at Ambarvale, Campbelltown North and Claymore primary schools all kicking off the Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart Outreach program with skipping workshops.


Jump Rope for Heart Outreach is a fun, inclusive, and non-competitive school-based physical activity and heart health program based around skipping for selected schools in NSW. The 6-8 week program culminates in a Heart Day, bringing together the students family networks to celebrate their new skills.


Thanks to the generous support of The Monarch Foundation, established to donate to local community causes, the Heart Foundation has been able to engage nearly 1000 students in its local Outreach program.


In the Campbelltown areas, where Macquarie Links Estate, Ingleburn Gardens Estate and The Meadows, Bardia are located, Monarch has been actively supporting local charities for over 25 years. Monarch sees Jump Rope for Heart Outreach as a valuable initiative of the Heart Foundation’s work in the area.


The Heart Foundation NSW CEO Kerry Doyle said that with the help of donors like The Monarch Investments Foundation, the Outreach program is being taken to schools across NSW that may not have otherwise had the opportunity to participate.  “The generosity of altruistic donors never fails to move me and the reality is without this support we wouldn’t be able to take this program to the schools where it’s needed most,” she said.


“Childhood is a critical window in which to shape healthy behaviours.  It is during these early influential years that we can make a real impact on children’s immediate and long term health.”


Recent studies have concluded that Jump Rope for Heart Outreach program is more relevant than ever before with one in four Australian children overweight or obese and 85 per cent not active enough.


“Every 27 minutes an Australian dies from heart disease and in many cases they include the mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and grandparents of our Jump Rope for Heart Outreach participants,” said Ms Doyle.


“This program helps children and young people skip their way to fitness and health, helping us to fight against Australia’s number one killer – heart disease,” she added.


The program comprises a skipping workshop, free resources, and ongoing support from the Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart Outreach Project Officer, including the school celebration Heart Day at which a representative from The Monarch Investments Foundation will also attend.


For more information on the Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart Outreach program visit


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(Workshop):      Wednesday 17 May and Thursday 19 May

(Heart Day):      Thursday 29 June (possibly change to 22 June to coincide with Campbelltown North Primary)




(Workshop):     Friday 23 June

(Heart Day):      Friday 23 June




(Workshop):     Term 3 TBC

(Heart Day):      Term 3 TBC




Over three schools and nearly 1000 primary school students will take part in a skipping workshop led by a Jump Rope for Heart Outreach Project Officer from the Heart Foundation


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